Monday 3 August 2015

Embedded Systems Articles-1

Functions in C
C functions are basic building blocks in a program. All C programs are written using functions to improve re-usability, understandability and to keep track on them. You can learn below concepts of C functions in this section in detail.
1. What is C function?
2. Uses of C functions
3. C function declaration, func


Linked lists in C

This article explains the fundamentals of C linked list with an example C program.
Linked list is a dynamic data structure whose length can be increased or decreased at run time.
How linked lists are arranged in memory?
Linked list basically consists of memory blocks that are located at random memory locations.

Network Protocols
Network protocols are standard rules or conventions that govern the communications between network devices. The network devices like router and switches that follows the network protocols to communicate with each other instead of their different internal architecture. Basically the data travels in the form of packets c


Inter Process Communications ( IPC)
Processes communicate with each other and with the kernel to coordinate their activities. Linux supports a number of Inter-Process Communication (IPC) mechanisms.
Interprocess communication (IPC) is the Mechanism where one or more process can send and receive/communicate data with each other. Process may be running in


Pointers in C
Pointers are a fundamental part of C. If you cannot use pointers properly then you have basically lost all the power and flexibility that C allows. The secret to C is in its use of pointers.
C uses pointers a lot. Why?
-> It is the only way to express some computations.
-> It produces compact and efficient code.


Linux Process
Process is instance execution of a program. Linux can manage the processes in the system, each process is represented by
a task_struct data structure (task and process are terms that Linux uses interchangeably). The task vector is an array
of pointers to every task_struct data structure in the system.


Linux Kernel
The kernel is a program that constitutes the central core of a computer operating system. It has complete control over everything that occurs in the system.
1) A kernel can be contrasted with a shell (such as bash, csh or ksh in unix-like operating systems),
2) which is the outermost part of an operating system an


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