Saturday 25 July 2015

One line Interview Questions on Linux Signals and Linux Process

Signal: A signal tells our program that some event has occurred
SIGINT: Interrupt signal from terminal (ctrl-c)
SIGTSTP: Stop signal from terminal (ctrl-z)
SIGCHLD: A child process has stopped or terminated

Send Signal to Process: int kill(pid_t pid, int sig)
Send Signal to Groups: int kill(pid_t gid, int sig)
One line Interview Questions on Linux Process
Process: An instance of running program
Context switching: Multiple processes run “concurrently” by time slicing
RTOS: Preemptive scheduler of OS
Process vs Threads: Threads are logical flows that run in the context of a single process.
PID: A process has its own, unique process ID: pid_t getpid();
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