Friday 4 November 2016

Looks like IOT era started - Chip companies catching up

Broadcom and Qualcomm chipmaking companies has been on a shopping spree....

Broadcom aquired Brocade, specialises in data storage and networking, while Broadcom provides connectivity components, like Wi-Fi chips, to companies like Apple, HTC and LG. The move comes at a time where data centres are increasingly important, thanks to the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) as IoT technology is responsible for connecting regular old objects, like lights, fridges and dishwashers, to the internet. As more appliances become smart, and autonomous cars drive in our near future, greater data storage is needed.

On the other hand Qualcomm aquired NXP Semiconductor for expertise in security, identity and automotive processor components, to complement its mobile, IoT and wireless radio business. It’s a smart move by Qualcomm to help it continue to be a key player in the chip industry, as connected vehicles with increasing amounts of on-board tech, and digital security in general, become areas where more attention and investment is focused.

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